Weekly Meal Plan + Grocery Haul + A Local Pig Box

Hey everyone! Hope your weeks are you well so far. I happily survived #WinterStormJupiter [insert We Will Rebuild meme here]. I am working an extra shift this week and wanted to be well-prepared before my work week started, so my main concern was if there would be any food left by the time I braved the store … Continue reading Weekly Meal Plan + Grocery Haul + A Local Pig Box

5 Tips If You’re Considering Travel Nursing

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm just sitting at home, watching the Bachelor, and waiting for this crazy winter storm to maybe sort of hit? Although we did have a fun time getting our car up a hill in a parking lot last night, I have yet to see anything worthy of this freak out yet: Bread … Continue reading 5 Tips If You’re Considering Travel Nursing

What We’re Eating This Week + Grocery Haul

Hey friends! So this weekend was AMAZING. Another friend who turned 25 yesterday and I got 14 of our friends together for a spa weekend. Lots of drinks, lots of food, lots of laughter. Truly a weekend to remember. Then I came home and I was all pumped for yesterday. I had Monday off which … Continue reading What We’re Eating This Week + Grocery Haul

2016 Reflections + 2017 Goals

Wow. It's been TWO MONTHS since my last post. Sorry for the radio silence, it's just been busy around here. New job assingment, trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving, Christmas activities the whole month of December. But, I did want to do a quick post (probably more for my own accountability than anything else) and share … Continue reading 2016 Reflections + 2017 Goals

Learning Compassion in Food Service

Growing up, I came from a very non-traditional family. We are very blended, and really no one followed a "straight and narrow" path through life. I loved my family despite its patchwork pattern, and will still defend each person with fury and passion, even if I don't love every single one of their actions. Yet, … Continue reading Learning Compassion in Food Service