Why We Paid Off Our Car In A Month

About a month ago, one of my worst traveler dreams came true. Keaton and I have both been driving old cars for a while. We always joked that we would pat our Blazer, affectionately called Bess, and tell her she was doing a good job from time to time. She had a new transmission, new … Continue reading Why We Paid Off Our Car In A Month


Diet Breaks

I hear so many people saying they're doing this diet, that cleanse. Whole 30, keto, paleo, high carb, iifym. Just recently, there has been a new vegan/plant based diet documentary that has popped up that I am sure has left many people even more confused about what they should do to take better care of … Continue reading Diet Breaks

Fit Gypsy Life Facebook Group!

Just wanted to drop in and let all of my lovely readers and subscribers know that I decided to start a Facebook Group for all traveling healthcare workers or people who just travel a lot for work to help with accountability and support. It is simply titled "Fit Gypsy Life", and should be searchable. I … Continue reading Fit Gypsy Life Facebook Group!

My One Piece of Advice For Travelers

So, I have written several pieces about travel nursing, how it has benefitted my family, what I've learned. And I am hoping over the next several months and years to be able to expand on this as we have finally been able to branch out on our locations. But I recently went through an orientation … Continue reading My One Piece of Advice For Travelers

Our Amtrak Experience: Tips, Tricks, and Sights!

Happy Friday! I am so, so excited to be sharing with everyone our cross-country train ride and California trip. I plan to break this recap down into 3 sections: The Amtrak Ride San Francisco -Part 1 -Part 2 Sonoma So one thing I have been wanting to do for a little while is take Keaton … Continue reading Our Amtrak Experience: Tips, Tricks, and Sights!