2018 Goals-Better Late Than Never

All right, all right. I know we’re halfway done with January. But honestly, my birthday is January 4th, so really I don’t count the new year as starting until after my birthday anyway 😉

Anyway, we also finished up our visit at home, drove 19 hours to Phoenix, and started new jobs in the last two weeks.

We finally sat down this Sunday and wrote out a goal board for the first time (such a cool concept, and it was awesome to discuss as a couple what our goals are). We are still working on building it, but I want to get my goals down on the blog so I can reflect on them as the year passes!

Fitness Goals (Because they are the most fun in my opinion)

  • Unassisted pull up
    • I finally made some serious progress on kipping pull ups this year, so I need to get strict down next!
  • Handstands
    • My nemesis. Being upside down is a mental game for me, so I want to overcome that this year. I started working on it last year, and want to make some serious progress in 2018.
  • Train for a half marathon
    • I don’t like running. But I like a challenge, and Keaton really wants to do one this year. We rarely work on fitness goals together, but I think this could be a fun accomplishment to say I did it, even if it doesn’t turn out to be my thing.
  • Eat more veggies
    • I love counting macros, but I need to make a more conscious effort to get good fruits and veggies into my diet. Micronutrients matter too!
  • Join the 200 pound squat club
    • This was my goal last year, and I came so close with 195 pounds. I know that working on running and other gymnasty stuff may take away from huge strength gains, so I am being conservative with my squat goal for the year.
  • Lean down
    • Super vague, I know. Last year was a year of diet breaks and embracing my body. Thisyear I want to see what I can do to lean down and stay sane at the same time.


Financial Goals

  • Pay off my student loans
    • We are still working towards our debt snowball, and I have less than $15,000 left in loan debt! Keaton’s loans are due as well, but are very manageable. We hope to kill mine off by the middle of this year and his by the end of next year if not sooner!

This is really our only specific financial goal for the year. Our second car is getting older as well, so we may end up purchasing another new car this year, but we are holding our breath and hoping for the best at the moment. If needed we will divert some loan repayment money towards a new car, or consider cheap rental options while we work on our debt snowball. I’ll be sure to update you as life happens.

Couple Goals

This was the first year we really sat down and wrote out goals as a couple, and it was so refreshing! We talk about things regularly of course, but to commit to them together was a great feeling, and I hope it helps us grow together this year.

  • One international trip
    • Last year our big trip was out to California via Amtrak, which was an awesome experience. But we know international travel will be harder once we have kids eventually, so we want to start on our bucket list of overseas travel locations! We plan to start with a “cheaper” destination this year while we hit debt hard, and go the pricier route once we have a little more flexible income.
  • Weekly date nights
    • We are fairly good at this, but got worse once we started traveling. Since most nights were spent together, we didn’t take time to set aside and do something together outside of Netflix and lounge around the house. I think taking the time to dress up a little and do something out of the house is important to keeping up that “dating” aspect of your relationship, so we want to focus more on doing that regularly this year.
  • Start learning Spanish
    • We have talked about learning a second language for years. And we really have no excuse now. Neither of us are in school, we have extra money to invest in this if we want, and it is a great goal to work on together.


Personal Goals

  • Be a better listener
    • Anyone surprised to learn that I go nonstop? I have a tendency to get caught in my own head when I should be focusing on the here and now. I want to put this goal out in the universe to remind myself to take the time to slow down and listen this year.
  • Grow the Fit Travel Life community
    • I can’t explain the joy it has brought me to see this group grow and expand. I love seeing the positive interaction between members, and I hope that we can continue to grow together.
  • Blog at least every two weeks
    • Last year my blogging goal was much too steep. I want to create content and expand my reach, but I also have a lot of side projects this year. I help with several travel Facebook groups, and launched a Fit Travel Life group specifically to help travel healthcare workers that struggle with health and fitness. I wanted to set an attainable goal for myself that I can realistically hit by the end of the year, and I think for no every-other-week is a good one.
  • Increase my blogging income
    • I have been approached by a few sources to be a guest blogger and paid contributor to their sites. This was sort of unexpected but really cool at the same time. I want to track and expand my income as much as I can this year to explore the ins-and-outs of freelance writing and making some profit off of something that I love to do!


I think I am going to leave it at that! I have lots of small things here and there, but overall these are the goals I really, really want to focus on this year. I learned last year that taking things one step at a time and being conscientious of your limits was important. This year I want to implement that and really commit to less goals so I can dedicate more time to making them a reality.

What are your goals for 2018? Have you written them down yet? This is only my second time taking the time to really thinkg about my goals and write them down, but I feel like it changed the whole tone of 2017 for me, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

❤ Alex

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