2017 Goals-How Did I Do?


2017. What. A. Whirlwind. And it’s not even over yet!

I started an album on Facebook at the beginning of this year entitled “2017-The Best Yet”. I decided that going into the year I was going to have a freakin’ positive attitude, and that would carry over to the actual outcome of my year.

You guys–it definitely worked.

I have to say that going into this year with an extremely positive attitude did in fact affect the outcome of the year. I was pumped to see the changes that were going to happen in our life, and even on hard days we came out feeling more successful and confident in our lives than we ever have.

I also think WRITING MY GOALS DOWN was huge this year. I have never ever written down New Years Resolutions (I thought that seemed corny, and just kept them in my brain). But knowing these were written down, for me to see and reflect on later, really helped me stay accountable in most areas. I also reviewed them about halfway through the year, to remind myself to stay focused!

So let’s see how I did:

Financial Goals

  • Pay at least $20,000 towards debt
    • Didn’t make it. BUT I am not counting this as a fail. We paid off around 10 thousand in debt and bought a nice car in cash, so we didn’t slack on saving and being deliberate with our spending. AND we didn’t accrue more debt when we bought our car.
  • Stick to my grocery budget better
    • I would give myself an 8 out of 10 on this. We definitely got excited when we both started making money, but I reeled it in again towards then end.
  • Start saving for a big vacation for next year
    • Sort of? We have a lot of cash in savings right now, mostly as a cushion while we wait to start a new assignment. It hasn’t all been allocated towards certain areas yet.
  • Start saving for a newish car (love Bess, but she won’t last forever)

Fitness Goals

  • Unassisted pull up
    • Nope. Still struggling with all things upper body. But I improved my strength a lot, and can string together several kipping pull ups. I need to work on more strict drills.
  • 200 pound back squat
    • SO FREAKING CLOSE. I hit 195. And earned the damn thing. Like, veins popping, pushed with every ounce of my being earned it. So I’ll take it and be happy.
  • Workout at least 3 days per week EVEN if we’re on vacation, moving, etc. I managed this during the week of Christmas which almost never happens and I felt so much better. On normal weeks, I’m shooting for 5 days.
    • Yikes. Definitely slacked on this the last few weeks. I will say I typically hit 2-3 days every week. But rotating shifts killed me, and I did not transition well in and out of our Wisconsin assignment. But I’m working on it, and this was my most consistent year ever for sure.
  • Utilize macros to calculate my own numbers for a slight cut this Spring. I’ve been on a caloric excess for awhile and don’t have a “goal weight” per se, but I’d like to decrease my body fat closer to where it was over the summer.
    • NOPE. This year turned into a stop-stressing-about-food-and-just-eat-till-you’re-full year. And I really did okay with that. Wrote more on that here. But I am ready to challenge myself a little more this spring and see what this body can do!
  • Drink more water- at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces
    • Also failed on this recently. The unit I was on last was insanely busy, so I was lucky if I finished my coffee by 3 pm.

 Personal Goals

  • Post twice a week on here.
    • Nope. But I did post more this year than last year. My following is growing and Fit Travel Life has been booming lately, so I’m trying hard to keep content up in both places!
  • Read 12 books.
    • I finished Outlander and started The Kingkiller Chronicles. All of those books are long so I didn’t hit my goal of 12. But I want to do some “for fun” reading where I’m not dedicated to a series next year.
  • Take my CPN test (Certified Pediatric Nurse)
    • Also nope. Too much happened this year, and it’s not a huge help in my current career goals, so I held off on it.
  • I’d really like to try this More Social, Less Media experiment. It’s like a Whole30 of the technology world. I find myself time-wasting on social media SO MUCH
    • Ha. Well, social media actually led me to a lot of cool opportunities this year, so it’s a love-hate relationship. But my time online feels more directed lately, so that’s nice.
  • Stay more up-to-date on politics and world events. If I’m going to look at a screen, I would rather have it be useful time.
    • Keaton and I definitely discuss this stuff more now, and I do take the time to look up stuff I hear about randomly. I like feeling more informed!
  • Schedule date nights every week.
    • Also felt like we got away from this when we were living out of state because we literally only hang out with each other. Winter weather also kind of killed date nights, so we need to get back at it.
  • Complete an out-of-state travel nurse assignment.
  • Travel more.

Whew. So a lot of these were big fat no’s. But at the same time, I feel like 2017 was a very successful year. We accomplished a lot we didn’t plan to accomplish, and my goals and visions for my blog have changed a lot as well. This year was jam-packed, but in an awesome way, and I am so happy to end this year feeling satisfied with how far I came, and how far our family came.

Peace out 2017, you’ve been awesome.

2018–I’m coming for ya.

❤ Alex

P.S. Be on the lookout for my 2018 goals shortly 🙂

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