Debt Snowball Progress- TWO Incomes!

Well, the day has finally come! The day that we can finally sit down and figure out how to attack our debt snowball working with not one, but two incomes. Keaton gets his first pay check today, which is a huge shift in our life and financial goals.

Truly, to anyone who is in school, working toward what you want, and feeling discouraged: just know–it does pay off! The years and months of little to no extra money, stressing over grocery bills and how to pay for your electric bill will eventually pay off if you keep working and keep your eye on the end goal.

The same goes for spouses and partners of someone in school. It can feel like a long 2, 3, 4+ years while your significant other is in grad school, medical school, etc. But with communication, proper planning, and goal-setting, when the day comes that you get to look at two paychecks and decide just what you want to do with them, instead of what you have to do with them, is so, so worth it.

We had days, weeks, even a few bad months where we were worn out, stressed out, and just discouraged. But we made it, and it was so cool to see Keaton’s face light up as we worked on our budget for the first time since both starting to work full-time.


Even now, with having two incomes, it is hard sometimes because we have this money, and we want to spend it on fun things like vacations or nice restaurants. But we still have a short-term goal of being debt free by the end of 2018, so we are trying to re-focus and become intense with our debt-snowballing again. As of right now, we land somewhere around 80k in debt, and that seems like a mountain, but I know that by tackling it a bit at a time, we can feel accomplished and be done with it in about a year.

So, even though we have the luxury of two incomes, we are still living as though we only have one. We will still be looking to take high paying assignments, even if the locations are not ideal, and we will still pick up overtime here and there if schedules and sanity allow. We are going to try hard this year to “live like no one else” so that in turn, we can spend another 4+ years as traveling healthcare professionals truly living like no one else.


Yes, we still want to have fun along the way, but we want to keep debt repayment our main focus, so we can have that monthly payment in our pocket each month to do with as we choose, rather than being told where it has to go.

So with that being said, expect some serious debt snowball updates in the near future! We are hoping to have my undergrad paid off by the end of this assignment, which should put us in position to only have Keaton’s loan payments when they come due in November. Let’s hope for the best, and work to make that goal happen!

With love and more aggressive snow-balling,

❤ Alex


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