Where In The World Did We End Up?

Hey lovely readers!

It’s been awhile! To say life has been crazy in the last month and a half would be an understatement. Keaton and I were just reflecting how we manage to make the first two weeks of August INSANELY busy every year, and would you believe it, but this is the post I wrote last year at this time.

Anyway, in July Keaton took (and passed!!) Physical Therapy boards, we moved out of our wonderful apartment in the River Market district of Kansas City, moved most of our stuff to storage, and a small amount to my mom’s basement for our trip to our first assignment.

I signed on to my first out-of-state assignment, Keaton applied for his Wisconsin license and GOT A JOB WITHOUT EVEN HAVING IT IN HAND (because he is a badass, duh). All while taking a train across the country to go on vacation in California. Wait, and we squeezed in a 3 day float trip between moving and leaving for California. Recap is coming on California and the train ride I promise!

Cali was amazing, but also consisted of a lot of paperwork and hoops to jump through to secure our jobs, but we got everything done, came home to KC for a couple of days, saw all of our immediate family (except Lindsay and TJ and Christian, you out of towners 😉 ). THEN we packed up both cars (and the cat) and headed out to….WISCONSIN!


Autumn wasn’t quite as excited as we were, but she’s fine now.

Definitely not the place we had planned to end up for our first assignment :). But, to be honest, the pay was right, Keaton’s recruiter had a job available that was willing to accept a new grad, and being only 9 hours from home-made it a lot easier to make the quick turnaround from vacation to moving. So far everything is going well. The area is beautiful, our extended stay is WAY bigger than we had hoped, and we are excited to explore the area more once we both have some time off at the end of the week. There is a lot of hiking so we are excited because that should be helpful with returning to attacking our debt snowball with a vengeance this fall!

I can’t wait to be back to writing more and updating you all on what we learn through our adventures on the road! Expect some serious snowballing, travel-nurse and PT-ing, and lots of fun along the way. On that note, I am off to my first real workout in about three weeks (oof).

❤ Alex


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