Halfway Done- How Am I Doing?

Guys. 2017 is HALF over. Craziness. This spring has truly flown by and I don’t think the summer will be any slower. I decided since we are at the halfway point for the year, I would do a little check-in to see how my 2017 goals are progressing!


Financial Goals

  • Pay at least $20,000 towards debt
    • We are about 22% of the way there. Not where I would like to be, but multiple weddings, graduation, etc got the better of us this spring. This should get better once Keaton begins working as well in August!
  • Stick to my grocery budget better
    • We have gotten much better on this! My weekly meal plan posts helped with this, and I’ve been really accountable to myself to make this happen.
  • Start saving for a big vacation for next year
    • Nope, see goal #1
  • Start saving for a newish car (love Bess, but she won’t last forever)
    • Also nope. We have all our extra money going towards emergency funds for when we start traveling full-time this fall. Soon, though.

Fitness Goals

  • Unassisted pull up
    • I’d say I’m about halfway there! I officially did a kipping pull up, and I have been able to do most WODs with pull ups as RX since then. Strict pull ups should follow soon.
  • 200 pound back squat
    • I am getting so close! I hit 195 and I really, really worked for that rep. So I think 200+ by the end of the year is attainable and a great way to motivate me to stay consistent as we start moving more.
  • Workout at least 3 days per week EVEN if we’re on vacation, moving, etc. I managed this during the week of Christmas which almost never happens and I felt so much better. On normal weeks, I’m shooting for 5 days.
    • I have been pretty dang good about this. I have definitely stayed true to the 3 days, and almost always hit 4-5 when we are at home. I didn’t do a lot of structured workouts on our camping trip but we hiked a TON and stayed very active.
  • Utilize macros to calculate my own numbers for a slight cut this Spring. I’ve been on a caloric excess for a while and don’t have a “goal weight” per se, but I’d like to decrease my body fat closer to where it was over the summer.
    • I’d say nope to this one. I attempted a cut, got frustrated. We don’t have a lot of extra money for me to hire a coach right now, but I am trying to focus on whole foods and balanced nutrition while we enjoy our last few weeks in Kansas City. I’ve also made a goal to have a mostly “sober summer”.
  • Drink more water- at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces
    • Definitely still need to work on this.

Personal Goals

  • Post twice a week on here.
    • Welp that’s a big fat nope. But I love writing here and I am determined to keep sharing!
  • Read 12 books.
    • I’ve finished 2 so far I think. The Outlander books are LONG so they take a while, but I could definitely cut back on some Netflix time.
  • Take my CPN test (Certified Pediatric Nurse)
    • Still working on this. Aiming for fall possibly.
  • I’d really like to try this More Social, Less Media experiment. It’s like a Whole30 of the technology world. I find myself time-wasting on social media SO MUCH
    • Nope, but I have worked on cutting back on phone time. I need to get an app to track my usage!
  • Stay more up-to-date on politics and world events. If I’m going to look at a screen, I would rather have it be useful time.
    • This is a super objective goal, but I’d say I’m better than I used to be, but could still be better.
  • Schedule date nights every week.
    • I think we are about half and half on this. I did make a point to plan dates for May since that was our craziest month, but we need to sit down and keep going for the summer.
  • Complete an out-of-state travel nurse assignment.
    • So close to starting this one! August!
  • Travel more.
    • So far we have hit Dallas, Nashville, St. Louis, tons of small towns in Missouri. And we have California, Vegas, and wherever our first assignment is coming up. So I’d say this goal is coming along nicely.

Whew. That was….interesting. I definitely am proud of all of the physical goals I have accomplished! I feel like consistency in the gym has been really great for me and progress has followed. Also I wish our financial goals had progressed more, but I do think we have stayed the course through some expensive times fairly well.

Aaaand, per usual, I need to make more time for myself. I can definitely make more progress on my personal goals than I have so far. Honestly, I forgot about some of them until I read this post! So this was a good way to go back and remember what I should focus on to help take care of me. 

How are your goals for the year going? Have you taken time to reflect on them? I’d love to hear how you are doing!

With goal chasing and goal smashing,

❤ Alex


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