Nashville Recap Day 2

Oh my goodness. Can we say better late than never? May was seriously CRAZY. We have [almost] reached the end of our wedding marathon, Keaton officially graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and we went on a quick getaway to Meramec State Park! I have so many things to talk about, so I am hoping to have a post a week at least in the month of June. I also owe you guys a Dave Ramsey update and an outline of our Missouri trip. Yikes.

To start from the beginning, see my day 1 recap here. 

So anyway, NASHVILLE. This trip seems worlds away now but I have so much to recap still. Our second day in Nashville started with one of the things we kept hearing about on Pinterest and Google: hot chicken. We had heard a lot about Prince’s and Hattie B’s, but Hattie B’s isn’t a “classic” spot and a few locals suggested we try Bolton’s, so that’s where we settled on. It truly embodied everything you expect from a hole in the wall. Concrete floors, simple seating, order at the window. But the thing that struck me the most was the literal warnings about how hot this chicken was. Now on a scale of one to blazin’ I am usually on the medium side, but I had a bad experience with “hot” food in South Africa so for this experience I erred on the side of caution and went with mild.


My friends, there was nothing mild about it.

Basically you pick your type of chicken and they sprinkle a dry rub spice mix on top. I took one bite and while the chicken strip was juicy on the inside and the breading was crispy and buttery, the spice was a little over my head. Like, my lips burned and I couldn’t really taste much for the next half hour. Keaton got medium spice, and ate one wing before sweating profusely and downing our “shared” mac and cheese.

hot chicken

Super no frills. Also- ranch is extra so order as much as you think you’ll need!

Moral of the story: hot meant hot. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, the fried chicken plain would be great at this restaurant, or if you love the heat this is a definite must visit.

After this we decided we needed something to cool off…so naturally we went for ice cream! Emma had found this soda shop called Elliston’s Place that has been open since 1939 and has not moved locations once! This was a truly classic American soda shop.


Keaton got chicken fingers and fries since he didn’t eat much of his hot chicken, and we all got malts or milkshakes. They were delicious and a perfect follow-up for the spicy food. Be warned though, they are quite large so maybe plan on splitting one 😉

This was a close walk to Centennial Park, so we decided to go check it out. This park was so beautiful! There is an actual replica of the Parthenon in the middle of the park, and tons of space to walk, porch swings, ice cream and shaved ice trucks. It was really neat. There is a museum in the Parthenon building but we decided to walk around the outside and forgo the inside. Despite being a busy Saturday, because the park is so large it did not feel overcrowded at all.


After sitting and chilling for awhile on one of the swings, we were trying to decide what to do next. None of us had huge desires to visit the country music museums, so we weren’t 100% sure what to do next. When I was at Biscuit Love I noticed they had this “coffee soda” listed on the menu. I am a sucker for any kind of coffee, so we decided to hunt some down. We ended up at Frothy Monkey which was a really cute cafe. The coffee soda itself was…interesting. It’s like a carbonated coffee with a citrus zest to it. I can’t say it would be something I’d order again, but it was refreshing enough after walking all over.

Next, we headed to the Hermitage Hotel to check out their legendary bathroom. That’s right: a bathroom. The hotel itself was a super nice place, and all of the inside architecture and design was beautiful. The bathroom is known for being remodeled in the classic art-deco style, and apparently has even been seen in music videos. Because it is the men’s room, Emma and I sent the boys in before we snuck in for a peek.


I have to say, for a bathroom it was pretty cool.

We then headed back toward Honky Tonk row to see about getting into Acme Feed and Seed since we didn’t make it the night before. Broadway was just as crowded as the night before, and the line for Acme was already out the door, so we walked down and chilled by the river for a bit.

honky tonk.jpg

Honky Tonk row during the daytime.

We decided to head back to the VRBO and freshen up a little. We hung out and had some drinks, then decided to check out Pinewood Social for our last night.

This place was so cool! Outside there was a small pool you could dip into, a courtyard with Bocce Ball, and lots of tables, patio couches, comfy chair. I felt like I was on a friend’s back patio. The menu outside was small bites and sandwiches. I tried the steak and fish tacos, and we shared the smoked salmon dip. All of the food was delicious. Emma and I split a pitcher of beer, but Keaton got a Mojito and it was delicious as well.

Inside there is an interesting mix of bar stools, tables set up with plug ins so you can bring a laptop and work, couches and coffee tables complete with board games, and a small bowling alley. I think you could probably hang out there all day and have something to do. The only thing we didn’t love was the cocktails were $13 each. We opted to head back to our VRBO after the patio closed at 11 pm. We really wished the patio was open later, or we had gone a little earlier because the patio drinks were much more reasonable.

Also…I 100% failed at getting pictures at Pinewood Social. Blame it on the sangria I drank before going 🙂

We slept in a little the next morning, and on our way out of town decided to stop at Garage Coffee Company. Little did we know it was in the same building as the distillery we visited. Turns out this old warehouse was converted into several businesses including Corsair, the coffee shop, a winery, and some souvenir type places. The whole area is actually called Marathon Village. We wandered around for a bit and then decided to hit the road for our 8 hour drive home.

garage coffee.jpg

Overall, we felt like we hit a ton of spots on our trip! We made a list of things we wanted to do, and honestly the only ones we didn’t hit were museum-related. There were definitely more things we could have tried to see, but I think Nashville is the perfect city for a weekend getaway. There is a lot to see, a variety of food to try, and the people were all friendly and welcoming.


I hope these recaps have helped give you some ideas for your own trip to Nashville!

With love and travel always,

❤ Alex

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