Nashville Recap-Day 1

Well hey there. It’s been a minute. Life has been HECTIC. When I’m not working, we’ve had weddings, trips, baby showers, and attempting to catch up on sleep. I’ve also picked up some over time in the last few weeks to help offset my two weeks off at the end of May, so literally any time not spent sleeping or eating or CrossFitting has been spent catching up with my husband or resting.

So our little light at the end of the tunnel for a while was this Nashville trip! Our friends hit us up to join them for a weekend getaway a month or so ago, and we said sure! Nashville is only about 8 hours from KC and Keaton is off work on Fridays, so we were able to leave Thursday night and get 3 full days in Music City! And we managed to pack in a LOT on those 3 days. I planned on the recap being one post, but dang we did a lot, so I decided to divide it into two.

After Keaton got off Thursday, we left KC around 5:30 and started our night drive to Tennessee. We actually stopped first in Columbia, MO and ate some ballin Chinese food. We literally pulled up Google maps and just picked a place, and ended up at ABC Chinese Cuisine. It. Was. Delicious. Here is what our appetizer looked like:


We got to roast our meat skewers ourselves!

After that meal, we were definitely in full on vacay mode. However, we had 5 hours to go. We actually stayed in Cadiz, Kentucky that night about an hour outside of Nashville. We chose a $38 motel and quickly decided the next morning that our standards for hotels have gone up over the years and that $38 motels are truly a “you-get-what-you-pay-for” experience. After attempting to drink some coffee that tasted like dirty water, we decided just to wait for better coffee after the hour drive Nashville.

First stop: BONUTS. Emma and I were seriously so excited for these. We found out about Biscuit Love via good ole Pinterest and we were not disappointed. One thing to note: the line usually takes about an hour to get through. You order at the counter and then sit and wait for your food, but they are so popular they monitor how many people are going in and out at a time. We went on a Friday at 10 am and the line was around the block, and the hostess said Saturdays are worse. On weekdays you can order to go but they don’t even pick up the phone on weekends for to go orders because their kitchen can’t keep up! However, once inside we had our food quickly and were able to leave right away since we paid at the counter.


Stolen from Emma because my shot didn’t capture the line as well

Needless to say, we weren’t prepared to wait for coffee for an hour after getting 3 hours of sleep and having terrible hotel coffee, so Keaton and Emma walked to Killebrew Coffee and got some lattes and a cinnamon roll. Both were DELICIOUS and I highly recommend sending someone to get drinks while you wait for bonuts :).

Once inside Keaton and I decided to split a Southern Benny and some chronic bacon and the four of us got an order of 5 bonuts to share. The sausage gravy was amazing, and the glaze on the bacon was TO DIE FOR. While the regular biscuit wasn’t as flaky as I normally like, the bonuts did not disappoint. One of the best bites of food we had on the trip for sure.

Next up was the part of the trip the guys were skeptical of but ended up being their favorite part: A Segway tour of Belle Meade Plantation. We found this tour on Groupon and weren’t sure how cheesy it would be but the Segways were so much fun! The history of the plantation was really interesting as well, and if you like history at all it was fun to learn about the culture of the southern elite in the 1800s. We also got to sample a few wines from their winery, and decided since the weather was holding up (rain had been forecasted originally) to drink a bottle while we played some yard games. The whole atmosphere of the plantation was really relaxing and fun, and I would definitely recommend a stop if the weather is nice.

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After this we headed back to our VRBO rental to check in and unpack. Emma found a cute little two bedroom apartment that had everything we needed and was less than 10 minutes from anything you wanted to get to. We ubered a lot and spent max of $9 on a ride.

Next stop of the day was…whiskey tasting! None of us were actually whiskey drinkers, so we decided to check out the “Brewstillery” at Corsair because they offered both beer and whiskey. Honestly, still not a huge whiskey fan but the tasting was interesting and now I can say I did a whiskey tasting while in Tennessee at least.

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We decided after this we were hungry and wanted something other than whiskey to drink. We headed to Prima to take advantage of happy hour. This restaurant was advertised as “tapas” but I would say it was more of an upscale American restaurant. Not what we were expecting at all, but we got some happy hour apps, burgers, and drinks and both were delicious. It was a little nicer than we were dressed for, but not a bad stop.


Our free rice ball “bar snack”. Delicious!

After putting food in our stomachs, we moved on to more beer tasting. We honestly had alcohol all day long but never really felt it, probably due to constantly walking and eating in between 😉 We found a couple local breweries that were close: Yazoo and Jackalope. So we decided to try both!

At Yazoo we split a sampler and tried: Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Hefeweizen, Hop Perfect IPA, Sly Rye Porter,  and Gerst Amber. My favorite was probably the Dos Perros and the Hefeweizen. Keaton liked the hoppier beers, and we both found the porter a little boring. Definitely not any terrible beers in the batch though. Melvin tried some tequila-infused beer and it was delicious as well.


At Jackalope we tried 4 different beers: The Lovebird Strawberry/Raspberry Hefeweizen, Thunder Ann American Pale Ale, Rainy Day Blues Blueberry Porter, and a special Birthday Cake beer. Honestly, I was very underwhemed by all of these. I really hated the Birthday Cake beer, and the rest were just okay. 18268144_3674186135298_2545641101548765363_n.jpg

After our beer sampling, we decided it was time to hit up the most famous part of Nashville: Honky Tonk row.

Fun fact about Honky Tonk row- there are no covers! So you can duck in and out of bars throughout the area, listen to different musicians, etc. We started at Robert’s Western World which was recommended by a couple of locals and a few travel pages. It was exactly what I’d wish for in a Nashville bar. Hole-in-the-wall feel, live music, and friendly people. The food special here is a fried bologna sandwich, which we passed on, but heard great things about. We heard lots of music walking up and down the row, and I will say everyone seemed pretty dang good, so I don’t know that any of the music venues would be a bad choice.

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We moved on next to Pucketts Grocery and Restaurant which was a short walk from Honky Tonk Row. The live performer here was great, and the restaurant is set up so you can see the stage much better from anywhere in the house. We were hungry again at this point, so we at fried pickles, brisket nachos, and some brisket burrito thing. The food was good but not life-changing. I will say for anyone with kids this place was a little more family friendly and less chaotic than the main part of Broadway.

THEN we decided we sort of just wanted to walk and people watch on Honky Tonk row, so we walked back to Broadway and did just that! There were tons of bachelorette parties, and the pedal bus parties seemed really popular. We all decided that is top of the list when we go back.

We had wanted to hit up Acme Feed & Seed because it was listed on several travel blogs as a great place to go, but the line was down the block to get in. We settled for a different roof top bar, which ended up being the worst choice of the whole trip. I found out later this is a chain “brewery” but the beer was awful, and the service lacked too. The view was nice but after struggling to finish one beer we decided to call it a night.

Another piece of advice: traffic is bumper to bumper on Broadway so we walked about 4 blocks then called our Uber, which was a great decision. Once we got home we had a nightcap then headed to bed, ready to get rested up for Saturday in Nashville!

To see the rest of our Nashville adventures, be sure to check out day 2 here.

With love and Honky Tonk,

❤ Alex


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