Uninspired: Working Hard on Days You Don’t Want To

So, I broke my New Year’s resolution. I missed a week of blog posting.

I think this is a common time of year for these things to happen. January is just far enough away for the internal fire to have started to die down, and we really forget the why behind our resolutions. It’s very easy this time of year to start down a slippery slope of excuses and pushing tasks to the back burner.

This wasn’t a conscious decision, but I did realize about halfway through last week that I just…didn’t have much to say. I was feeling blah about my workouts, my meal plans, and my goals.

This quickly led to me spending too much money, indulging in too much junk over the weekend, and skipping several workouts.

Sunday hit and I felt SO off. I was feeling sluggish, tired, and not prepared for the new week. I realized that if I chose to, this could easily become a cycle. If I gave into the tiredness and “blah” feeling, I would have started my new, fresh week without good food planned, my house a mess, and my workout schedule unprepared.

I remember as a camp counselor we had a slogan one summer: fake it till you make it. Even when we were working 24/7 chasing school-aged kids through the woods, playing games, and keeping our smiles plastered to our face, we kept going even when we didn’t feel as excited as we looked. This has stuck with me over the years, and helped me pull myself out of a funk every so often.

So I made a conscious decision yesterday morning to just STOP IT. Fight through the brain fog, eat some healthy food, plan my workouts for the week, throw in a load of dishes, pick up my house, and plan simple-yet-tasty meals that I could prep without too much effort.

I love how I feel when I workout and eat healthy. I love how nice it is to come home to a tidy house. I love feeling accomplished. I love writing on this blog and getting a warm fuzzy feeling when I get new followers (you da real MVPs).

But all of these things won’t work unless I do. I am ready to recommit, refocus, and continue perusing my goals and dreams, and I am determined not to let a few off days keep me off track 😉

With love and faking-it-til-ya-make-it



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