One Year Down

February 1st, 2016 was the day I started my traveling nurse career! It is just crazy to me to think that a year has gone by already.

Although I have been lucky enough to work locally for the last 6 months, I am so thankful for my husband’s support in my initial delve into this world. After working a very stressful job for almost two years, it has been refreshing to see new hospitals, meet new people, and learn new ways of doing things.

I feel like a little reflection is in order to better sum up how much travel nursing changed our life.

In the past year we have:

  • Paid down over $17,000 worth of debt. Our average monthly contribution towards debt/school tuition was $1458! That is more than one bi-weekly paycheck at my staff job.
  • Taken an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic, one to St. Louis to see Blink-182, and a couple trips to Ohio to see family.
  • Moved home to KC. This has been great especially with knowing we plan to be on the move for the next few years, so we’ve savored time with family and friends.
  • Bought and paid cash for two cars, including putting a new transmission in one of them.
  • I competed in my second bikini competition, which was mentally and fiscally taxing, but definitely a lot of fun.
  • Survived 4 total travel assignments, including a combination of day and night shifts, and 2 that were two hours from home.

Honestly, I cannot be thankful enough for these opportunities that were afforded through travel nursing. Prior to traveling, I was worn out, stressed out, and working tons of overtime. By earning more money for my time, I have allowed my marriage to prosper, and given myself more time to work on bettering myself as an individual, because I don’t have to work overtime if I want to have money to do something fun or buy a specific item.

Our goals for this year include me staying close until July or August when Keaton will take boards, then we plan to hit the road as a traveling duo 😉 We really don’t have a specific plan beyond that, but we cannot wait to expand our knowledge of the US and work on scratching off some states (and countries in between) from our travel map!


Where will we go next?!


Keat and Me DR.jpg

Cheers to the next year!


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