2016 Reflections + 2017 Goals

Wow. It’s been TWO MONTHS since my last post. Sorry for the radio silence, it’s just been busy around here. New job assingment, trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving, Christmas activities the whole month of December.

But, I did want to do a quick post (probably more for my own accountability than anything else) and share my goals for 2017 and focus on some of the positives from 2016.

2016 was a long year. Lots of changes, but also lots of growth happened. Here are some of the positives for the year:

  • I started travel nursing and worked my way through 3 assingments (currently on my 4th contract!)
  • I prepped and competed in a 2nd  bikini competition
  • We really got the ball rolling on Our Dave Ramsey Adventure
  • We purchased two “new to us” cars without taking out any loans
  • We moved home over the summer
  • We took a vacation to the Domincan Republic
  • Keaton started his final year of PT school/clinicals
  • I started CrossFit again (one of the hardest things to mentally start back up, but I’m so glad I did)
  • I had a Christmas off (FINALLY) to enjoy with my family

All in all, not a bad year! There were lots of ups and downs, and lots of stressful moments and decisions.

Last year, I didn’t write down any goals. I had a rough idea in my mind of what they were, but I do agree with people who say writing down goals is important. I tried a goal board and was terrible at updating it. So here is my list of goals, forever burned into the Internet, to keep reminding me what I’m working towards this year. I’m also going to categorize them, because I’m a little OCD like that.


Financial Goals

  • Pay at least $20,000 towards debt
    • I owe about $27k in student loans, so I’d love to get all of this done paid off. But we have a lot to pay for this Spring so I will start conservatively 🙂
  • Stick to my grocery budget better
    • This has been creeping up slowly, I know I can get my bill down, I just need to plan better. Also, I plan on doing some grocery shopping posts!
  • Start saving for a big vacation for next year
  • Start saving for a newish car (love Bess, but she won’t last forever)

Fitness Goals

  • Unassisted pull up
    • Upper body is THE WORST. Overall my overhead strength is something I need to work on.
  • 200 pound back squat
    • My form is really lacking from 2 years of lifting solo, so I’m hoping I can improve in strength+form this year
  • Workout at least 3 days per week EVEN if we’re on vacation, moving, etc. I managed this during the week of Christmas which almost never happens and I felt so much better. On normal weeks, I’m shooting for 5 days.
    • Side note: Loving PaleOMG  for some on-the-go CrossFit style workouts
  • Utilize macros to calculate my own numbers for a slight cut this Spring. I’ve been on a caloric excess for awhile and don’t have a “goal weight” per se, but I’d like to decrease my body fat closer to where it was over the summer.
  • Drink more water- at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces


 Personal Goals

  • Post twice a week on here.
    • This is a pretty hefty goal because I haven’t been the most regular, but I am going to try to utilize timing my posts more, so I can write several on my days off and time them out for the week. I would like to shoot for Monday and Wednesdays.
  • Read 12 books.
    • I’m currently working on the Outlander series, but I may take a break and read some others as well. Any suggestions appreciated 🙂
  • Take my CPN test (Certified Pediatric Nurse)
  • I’d really like to try this More Social, Less Media experiment. It’s like a Whole30 of the technology world. I find myself time-wasting on social media SO MUCH
  • Stay more up-to-date on politics and world events. If I’m going to look at a screen, I would rather have it be useful time.
  • Schedule date nights every week.
    • We got really good about this for awhile, but got away from it and we really enjoyed them when we did them.
  • Complete an out-of-state travel nurse assignment.
    • Keaton graduates in May and takes boards in July so, come August, we’re hitting the road hopefully!
  • Travel more.
    • This was hard with Keaton’s school, but if we do travel nursing/travel PT, this should happen by default. Some places on our agenda so far: Dallas and St. Louis (for weddings), California, and a short trip in May before boards studying begins. Thinking Hermann, MO or Colorado.

I think those are the big ones! I may come back and reflect/update these as time goes by. Of course, goals may change as life changes in the upcoming year, and as we know it’s hard to predict just exactly what is going to happen over the next few months. No matter what, I have high hopes for 2017 and some big goals.


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