Transitions are Hard

Well hi. It’s been awhile! This has been a very exciting month. We are finally living back home, and we got to take an amazing vacation, plus a great road trip. We are close to family and friends again, and are so excited to get to spend more quality time with all the people we love on a regular basis.

Keat and Me DR

Mojito number 1 of 364. Also, check out that rockin’ swimsuit 😉

That being said, this has been a time of transitions. And transitions (even the good ones!) can be difficult.  Life has been quite hectic lately. And that is putting it mildly. In the last month all of the following has happened/been accomplished/driven us almost to the point of insanity and back again:

  • We bought a second car (yay!), had our first car break down, shopped for an additional car, only to decide it was better to deal with the devil we knew rather than the one we don’t, and send our first car to the shop for a week.
  • Keaton finished up his final classes for his doctorate.
  • I went our annual float trip with a group of friends. Solo because Keaton had to study (see next bullet).
  • Keaton had capstone week (aka spent more time at school in two weeks then he probably has in the last two years and almost lost his mind BUT passed with flying colors 🙂 )
  • Took a week-long vacation to the Dominican Republic (we did absolutely nothing but lay on the beach/by the pool. It was fantastic).
  • Celebrated our first anniversary. I’m so glad we were able to save and pay cash for a wonderful trip to commemorate this, because I think otherwise it would have gotten lost in the madness that was our lives this month.
  • Rented/drove our first U-Haul (yay adulting).
  • Packed our two bedroom, two car garage duplex into said U-Haul (by ourselves, YAY ADULTING), and moved it 2 1/2 hours away to a 1 bedroom apartment.
  • Keaton started clinicals.
  • I wrapped up my second travel assignment and started at my third, which also means transitioning to day shift for the first time in over two years.
  • I completed 15+ hours of online training in about three days while also working two of those three days. I don’t know where I got so good at finding time when there is none, but I feel like I should get some sort of award for this.
  • Our first car’s repairs malfunctioned the day before I had to drive 3 1/2 hours to my last week at my second assignment and subsequently on to St. Louis to meet Keaton for an additional road trip. Thank goodness for my mom and Max who keep a stash of extra vehicles on hand for when one of the 6 kids happens to have a break down. News flash: That happens a lot when 5 out of 6 of us are legal driving age.
  • We drove about 22 hours in the span of 2 days to see my husband’s grandpa Glen turn 90. Totally. Worth. It. Family time is always worth it.
  • Oh, and my sister-in-law got engaged AND I got to meet my new nephew for the first time. 🙂

The look of terror when you’re driving a $45,00 moving truck

Wow. I thought a bulleted list might make it look less crazy and cluttered but I don’t really know that it did. Needless to say, August was quite the month.

So as I am sitting here, on my first morning in forever where I have been able to have my ritual cup of coffee, sit down, pay bills, and update our Dave Ramsey board, I am reflecting a little bit on this last month and what it means and how we handled it. And I can’t lie, this is kind of how I feel right now:

Olivia Pope It's Handled.jpg

We all have months like this, right? Months where you’re lucky if dinner doesn’t come out of a paper bag, and a workout is considered successful if it happens at all. Months where you use up all the “Eating out” and “Pocket money” parts of your budget practically as soon as you’re paid, and you don’t get to put nearly as much as you’d like into your savings or debt snowball funds.  And for someone who is very goal-oriented, these months can make me feel like a failure.

But then I realized, these months don’t make us failures.

They show us just how well we have done every other month of the year.

My bank account dipped lower than it has in a LONG time, but we still paid all of our bills, balanced the budget, adjusted to a new, higher rent rate, and didn’t have to rely on “emergency” credit cards or fall deeper into debt. We planned for most of our expenses, but unexpected costs are bound to happen with any move and any trip. Luckily, since we stick to our budget the rest of the year, we have some cushion when things don’t go exactly as planned, rather than scraping the bottom of an already-empty barrel.

My workouts and nutrition were crap this month. (Sorry, Lindsay 😉 ). BUT, I know how terrible I feel when I don’t move my body, so I have taken advantage of the times I do have to get a quick workout in, and really taken advantage of the times I’ve had a good 60 or 90 minutes to get a great workout in. I had about a 2 week window where I let myself have excuses (and one of them was vacation where I took a full week off of tracking for the first time in months), and then I said enough. I made better choices when I could, and even when I was eating out I was conscious of how I could work that into my daily macros.

In the end, these months can be frustrating. Discouraging. Draining. But, these months don’t define the rest of your days, weeks, months. These months definitely don’t define your entire year. What defines you and your day/month/year is your ability to respond to the craziness and just handle it. Set yourself up on your good days so that it is easier to handle your bad days. Prepare for success, and even if it doesn’t quite happen, the failures won’t be failures so much as bumps in the road.

With love, KC pride, and smooth transitions

❤ Alex


Float trip crew!


First day of clinicals! Forgive the coat hook on the floor…also, it’s still there. Thanks, moving.


On our actual 1st anniversary


First meal in our new house consisted of frozen cake and wine.

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