My $200 Mistake

So I have gone on and on about our financial goals and our Dave Ramsey progress. We have big financial goals, and we stick to a strict budget to help meet those.

However, we are also human. And one of the difficult parts of being human? We can be materialistic. And want things, even if they’re ridiculously expensive and not any sort of “need”.

I have been obsessed with getting my hands on a Savage Swim swimsuit for awhile now. I have worked really hard on my fitness journey this last year, and I thought this summer I might take the leap and set some money aside to splurge a little. These suits are supposed to be really high-quality, and they have some killer designs and colors, PLUS they’re reversible, so I figured I could wear it for a few summers.

But I am also still incredibly cheap. It’s just in my blood I think (thanks, Mom). I pretty much only buy things on sale, and Savage really doesn’t run many sales because their suits are all hand-sewn and custom made. So I started looking at second-hand options, including Ebay and Poshmark. I passed a couple suits up and immediately regretted it, and Keaton kept telling me to JUST BUY THE DANG SUIT.  I literally stalked the pages all hours of the day when I thought about it, to see if something popped up in my size.

Then, one day while I was sleeping after work, I got up to go to the bathroom and checked my Poshmark app (don’t judge me, I was really being THAT obsessive, but the cute ones sold quick!). Turns out, at that exact moment (not joking), someone was uploading several different Savage pieces. I quickly put in offers on a couple, and messaged the seller about a bundle discount.

When I woke up later that afternoon, the seller had messaged back and said she wasn’t going lower on any of her Savage pieces. So I went ahead and bought my two favorites and went to work, excited about my new purchase.

The next afternoon I got up and checked my app to see if she had shipped my suits. To my horror, I realized the seller had gone back and accepted all three of my other offers in addition to the suit I had purchased outright. Turns out, on Poshmark, if you make an offer you may as well sign in blood. My heart dropped. Three tops and two bottoms totaled $209.

TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. Not a ton, by any means, but for someone who NEVER shops, I couldn’t help but think of all the other clothes/shoes/etc I would rather spend $200 on.

I kept this secret for 2 days. I kind of feel like the Budget Nazi around our house, so I was mortified to tell Keaton what I had done. While the first suit purchase of $70 was no big deal, I wasn’t sure where we were going to have to pull the other $130 from. Keaton actually laughed at me a little when I told him. I probably looked like someone getting ready to confess a triple homicide, that’s how guilty I felt.

Long story short, I got all my pieces in the mail a week later. Two actually didn’t fit, so I was able to sell them on a swap shop for $100 and recoup almost half my mistake. We have enough cushion in our finances to not starve after a $200 mistake, but being as goal-oriented as I am, it was frustrating to have to mess up my budget masterpiece to offset a dumb mistake on my part.

I guess the moral of the story is, setbacks happen. Whether it’s something we can (or can’t) control, or just a moment of weakness (or perhaps a good ole blond moment), we can only take these setbacks as they come, and move forward with them. Luckily, we are good with our money 95% of the time, so when we make mistakes or unplanned purchases the other 5%, we can recoup and still move forward in our financial goals.


With love and [expensive] blonde moments,




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