Bikini Prep- 3 Weeks Out!

I mentioned in my very first post that I was preparing to compete in a bikini competition. Well, time has truly flown and I am now officially 3 weeks away!


My posing needs work for sure! Also, I can’t wait to share my suit color on show day 🙂

Honestly, this prep has been a lot less taxing and much more enjoyable than my prep 4 years ago. I feel strong, not skinny, and I have found a place where I am actually excited for my workouts again. Now, don’t get me wrong, some days I get to my cardio and I am just like…blah. But I am not just going through the motions, I am lifting and working out with a purpose and a drive that wasn’t there before. I also think my results have been much better this prep:


Look how much my tummy has improved!

I do think this is the point where most competitors start dreaming of the “after”. I’ve been shopping for swimsuits, looking up yummy Pinterest recipes. Once again, I think I am even more excited about the after of this show because I know more of what to expect, and I feel more confident in my plan to stay in better shape post show. I realize I will gain some weight back, but I’m excited to use flexible dieting to increase my daily intake and find a happy place in life balancing a physique I love, workouts I love, while enjoying life events and eating foods I enjoy.

That being said, I still get to eat whatever I want thankfully! Usually whatever I want has been pretty clean food lately. My calories are around 1300/day and I am feeling more hungry, so I am trying to stick to high volume foods. I’ve been really cautious about allowing simple carbs into the house because I could easily eat my daily allowance in pretzels and hummus, but then I’d find myself starving by the end of the day. I did manage to fit in 4 Girl Scout Shortbreads to day so that was a win!

This week I plan to share my lower carb protein waffle recipe (less than 10 carbs per waffle!), and I will also share a “What I Ate in a Day” post on one of my night shift days! I want to supply people with night shift dieting resources because that has been one of the biggest struggles for me.

Here’s to knocking out these last weeks and leaning out even more!

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