Getting That Protein In

So one of my biggest struggles since I started IIFYM has been how to get all of my protein in. I learned the hard lesson of “oh, this is great, I can eat out, have a drink…” and then I was left at 10 pm needing to eat 65 grams of protein with no fat to help me along. Lemme tell you, egg whites and protein powder get old REAL quick.

During the bulk I did with my coach, I was able to easily get my protein because I had more than 66 grams of fat per day to play around with. However, I am now down in the 30s on fat intake and I have to be conscious of my protein intake. I have to make sure I get protein all day or I will end up with tons of egg whites to eat at bedtime (and a very unhappy stomach).

I recently made these protein crepes and I will be sharing a recipe soon:


These babies were stuffed with strawberries and lite whipped cream, but alone three crepes were 37 grams of protein! Great way to start my day on the right foot.

My other go-to recipe for starting my day with lots of protein are my protein pancakes and or/ waffles:





These are super easy. I just take 1/4 cup of Hungry Jack Pancake Mix, 1 scoop of protein of choice, a pinch of baking powder, and 1/2 cup of water. These cook up just like regular pancakes, or fluff up in a waffle iron.

I also make protein french toast which I will be sharing the recipe for. I even eat this as dessert sometimes if I need extra protein at night.


Some other go-tos for protein sources are Flat Out wraps, Ole Extreme Wellness Tortillas, tuna packets, and low fat/fat free cheese. These are all compliments to the “main” source of protein that allow you to sneak some extra protein in throughout your day. I did a lot of greek yogurt and cottage cheese when I first started, but I was having some GI issues with that so I have cut back to one serving of dairy per day maximum.

The nice thing about IIFYM is you can have the flexibility to eat out, participate in social events, and still meet your goals. I had dinner with my dad for his birthday Saturday and was short on protein, so I swung by a gas station and picked up some emergency protein.



I just try not to make this a regular occurence because I would get burnt out quickly. This has been the lifestyle that I have been able to maintain the most consistently since I’ve started paying attention to what I put in my body. It’s not perfect, but it works and I love seeing progress while being able to live my life!

Happy (protein) eating,



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