Prepping for Travel

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! Many people are celebrating humpday and making it halfway through their week (yay!). For me, this means my week is getting started.

I recently took a travel assignment 2 hours from home to bring in a little more cash while my husband is in graduate school so we can work harder on Baby Step 2. This has been a huge relief for our family because I am actually working less hours, driving less hours total throughout the week, and I don’t have on call time or overtime consistently. I love it so far! Plus it has been nice to see a new hospital and meet new people. I work 3 days in a row and come home for 4-5 days at a time, so I have to be prepared with meals prepped or I would have to eat out a LOT.

Saving money and staying healthy while on the road has meant careful planning. In 3 weeks of travel I have eaten out 4 times, and that was due to me simply leaving prepared meals in the fridge and, at one hotel, not reading the fine print and realizing there was no fridge. Sad day.

The day I leave typically looks like this:

Wake up around 11-12. I work nights so sleeping in allows me to be up the following night. I meant to get up a little early today to work out, but it didn’t happen so I will make it up later this week.

Make a low-cal breakfast (gotta save my macros for the long shift)


Egg whites, FF cheddar, diced ham. Not pictured: mini bagel 🙂

Then, I make up a meal plan for the next 3 days. I usually base this around what I already have prepped or can grab easily. I stick to one or two carb sources each week to keep my grocery budget down, and try to freeze excess protein sources as I can. This week my main protein sources were frozen shredded chicken, frozen ground beef, and frozen protein cheesecake. I use My Fitness Pal, but there are lots of meal planning apps you can play with.


I weigh EVERYTHING, and have one bag for dry goods and one insulated grocery bag for frozen/refrigerated items. I haven’t taken the plunge to buy a fancy meal prep bag yet, maybe if I go further away.


Another huge help is to label each item with what meal/day it is for. I find this keeps me from overeating or snacking when I shouldn’t, and it helps eliminate having to think too hard when I’m between shifts and trying to fit in workouts and sleep.


I also pack a couple essential condiments such as hot sauce, sugar free syrup, and light mayo if I’m bringing tuna. This helps keep my meals tasting good and keeps me from straying from my plan.

Then, I pack everything up and double check I didn’t leave anything in the fridge, freezer, etc. This all takes under an hour (if I have the food cooked already). And honestly, it’s nice knowing I don’t have to eat out or worry about what I’ll be eating the whole time I’m gone. I can just relax in my hotel room in my down time and enjoy the cable I don’t get at home…or sleep extra 🙂

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