Here We Go

Well hello! This is my second attempt at this blogging thing and I have to say, I am very excited. As I have grown a lot in the last few years, I think my head has begun to fill and fill with all sorts of ideas and what better way to share them?

Now, just some introduction about myself. I am 24, recently married my high school sweetheart, and also just recently took a traveling nurse job 2 hours from home. Prior to that, my husband and I moved from our home town to a small town two hours away. So in the last two years, I’ve moved away from home, started a new job, got married, and started a new job. In between I have worked hard to maintain mental sanity, and tried to focus on the two most important things in my life: relationships and health.

Fitness and health are two things that have always been very important for me. I competed in a bkini competition my sophomore year of college:292622_1672716939819_1810186122_n

Then, I rebounded HARD from lack of post-show coaching and guidance. Luckily, I started CrossFitting shortly after and maintained a pretty high activity level for the next two years:


However, after moving, starting a new job working full-time night shift, trying to adjust to a new city, new life, and planning a wedding 2 hours away, I quickly became lost. The small town we moved to had no CrossFit gym, and I was losing motivation. I struggled with being happy, and soon realized I needed to be active again. I hired a trainer and have decided to give this fitness thing one more shot. So now the plan is to do a show in April of this year and get back to my happy place with nutrition and health.
Anyway, I started this blog to document my journey, provide some help and tips to those in transitional spots in life, and to give myself something to outlet some fears/thoughts/ramblings.
Talk soon,

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